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We may not believe it's healthy—and it's not, as a study revealed fast-food today is worse for you than it was in the '80s—but that doesn't stop us from heading to the nearest McDonald's or Chick-fil-A with some frequency. So what are these mesmerizing meals that keep us hooked despite our best efforts? We've compiled a list of the most popular fast-food items that keep fans coming back for more. We began with QSR Magazine 's report of the top 50 most successful fast-food chains in America as a measure for popularity, then identified the standout menu items from each, using a range of articles, reports, and published rankings to guide us.

Here are the most popular fast-food menu choices. How do they stack up against your favorites? And if you're looking to clean up your fast-food meal a bit next time you run out, be sure to reference these healthy fast-food orders.

Burger King advertises the Whopper as "America's Favorite Burger," and there's no doubting its iconic status. More than 11 million customers walk through Burger King's doors each day, many of them in pursuit of the famous burger. The cheeseburger is a classic staple on the menu. KFC's Original Recipe Chicken is famous for its secret 11 herbs and spices and for launching the brand into fast food superstardom.

White Castle has been serving sliders sincewhen the restaurant became America's first fast-food burger chain. Today, sliders remain the most popular item on the menu. Featuring only two ingredients, roast beef and a sesame seed bun, Arby's claims that this is the sandwich that put roast beef on the map. Like hitting up Arby's for lunch? It might be ok once in a while, but make sure it doesn't turn into one of the unhealthy lunchtime mistakes you're making. Sonic holds a daily Happy Hour that features half-priced drinks, and people turn up on schedule for the Cherry Limeade.

The Frosty is considered the ature dessert at Wendy's, available in only two classic flavors: chocolate and vanilla. It's been going strong since The McDonald's Happy Meal has been thriving sincethanks to its kid-sized portions, colorful ature packaging, and of course, the collectible toys. Nothing says "fall" like a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Fast food girl m

No other chains have managed to claim an entire season as their own. Now that's popular.

Fast food girl m

Taco Bell has crowned this burrito "The Supreme Ruler of the Burrito Empire," and it has many loyal subjects to prove it. Chick-fil-A may be politically polarizing, but people tend to have a unified stance on their original Chicken Sandwich: "delicious.

Forget the donuts! Rebranded as just Dunkin' inthe chain made it clear that it's all about focusing on their beverages. But don't worry—the franchise sells 2.

Fast food girl m

If Dunkin' is trying to pivot away from the doughnut world, Krispy Kreme will hold down the fort. The chain has been making its Original Glazed Doughnuts sinceand the recipe hasn't changed since, due to its runaway success. Taco Bell's Nacho Fries have come and gone multiple times over the years, and they aren't currently available at the fast-food chain. But that doesn't mean they aren't popular!

Fans love when these dippable, seasoned fries return to the menu. This side reached legendary status when it became the best-selling new product launch in the chain restaurant's history, selling more than 53 million orders within the first five weeks it was available. Ask anyone what Culver's is famous for and they'll tell you: the ButterBurger.

The fast-food chain has nicknamed it "The Original," and affectionately references the ButterBurger as having "started it all. According to Bon AppetitTexans are down to ride or die for Whataburger. The Taquito with Cheese has, in particular, been called "a Texas tradition," but its popularity extends beyond the lone star state.

Domino's may be the -two pizza chain in America, but it's quickly gaining steam on Pizza Hut and could surpass it in popularity. According to QSRits pepperoni pizza is easily the most-delivered item on the menu. Panera maintains steady popularity as it continually changes its menu. The chain has said that its mac and cheese is one of the most popular offerings. This spicy stir-fry dish is a Panda Express classic. Unlike most fast-food chains who keep their secrets to success under lock and key, Panda Express has graciously released its ature recipe to appease its insatiable fans.

Sure, everyone knows that French fries are the star of the Mickey D's sides menu. But McDonald's Hash Browns are a close second, and have the added advantage of being "breakfast friendly. Few fast-food items have inspired more copycat recipes on the internet than Popeyes Biscuits.

Fast food girl m

They're delicious and pretty simple to make! Pepperoni is America's favorite topping, so it's no surprise that it's Little Caesars Pizza's most popular order.

Fast food girl m

Before Taco Bellmany Americans had never heard of chalupas. Thanks for that, Taco Bell. McDonald's Egg McMuffins—essentially bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin—have maintained their popularity since they were first introduced in They are likely the most iconic fast-food breakfast option. Not only are Wendy's Chicken Nuggets one of the most popular items at one of the most popular fast-food chains; according to Business Insidera tweet about Wendy's Nuggets was the most popular tweet of Now that's famous.

It's possible that all French fries, being a natural sidekick to burgers, are some of the most highly ordered items at any fast-food chain. That said, according to Business InsiderBurger King fries deserve their popularity based on merit. After maintaining a fairly consistent menu for years, Shake Shack debuted the SmokeShack Burger in to customers' wild approval. This came as no surprise because it's essentially Shake Shack's already popular cheeseburger with bacon on top.

Just like French fries ride their burger's coattails all the way to the top, KFC's mashed potatoes with gravy are flying high alongside its many chicken entrees.

Fast food girl m

This foamy espresso concoction is a consistent favorite among Starbucks patrons and has been a mainstay on the menu for over three decades. The Caramel Macchiato is the most frequently ordered version today. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's good for you. Beware of The 20 Worst Drinks at Starbucks.

Fast food girl m

Just as Wendy's has the Frosty, McDonald's has its own ature dessert: the apple pie. The secret to its nearly 50 years of success might just be its adaptability, as Eater points out. By now, you're probably thinking, "What? Another pepperoni pizza? So there's no getting around it. Chick-fil-A is so proud of its iced tea that it details the beverage's year history on its website. Apparently, they haven't changed the recipe since it ed the menu.

When you've chosen a healthier lunch at least compared to the other fast-food options availableit feels perfectly valid to treat yourself to a little dessert. Perhaps that's why Subway cookies are so popular. There aren't many burger chains where a good portion of the crowd is in it for the fries. But in Checkers' very own words, this is the menu item that "put Checkers on the map. If you're in the South or Midwest, you already know that regionally, Whataburger is one in many people's hearts.

Who can resist Munchkins? They're tasty, cute, convenient for sharing and they're technically a healthier choice than if you'd eaten a whole donut. Did you know they're named after the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz? If you take one of the most popular fast-food recipes and make it conveniently bite-sized, ta-da! You have another hit on your hands. The Burger King Chicken Fries had a dramatic start—they were first offered as a novelty item inand according to USA Todaywhen they were pulled from the menu, fans started a change.

InBurger King decided to make them a permanent fixture on the menu. If you haven't tried the Popeyes chicken sandwichwhat are you waiting for? There's a reason it became an instant classic among fast-food fans—it's worth the hype. Wendy's is the only fast-food company in the U. It likely owes part of its success to that novelty, along with the fact that the baked potato is seen as a healthier alternative to French fries. As its name suggests, Dairy Queen is famous for its frozen dairy treats.

The Blizzard is its most popular iteration, and the chain maximizes its popularity by announcing new promotional Blizzards each month. Five Guys is known for being "picky" about its fries, only using Idaho potatoes, which are known for being particularly dense. Culver's calls its Wisconsin Cheese Curds a "dairyland delicacy" and enthusiasts agree. If you need further convincing… just see what Culver's has to say about this cheesy treat.

Little Caesars is best known for pizza, but coming in at a close second is Crazy Bread, its much-loved parmesan-encrusted garlic breticks.

Fast food girl m

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