Looking for now in livingston county area

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In April, Livingston County's unemployment rate hit 2. Manufacturers raise wages, add benefits in hopes of landing workers. Greg Peel is a hiring manager for Brighton chemical and parts manufacturer Kem Krest, which is struggling to fill entry-level positions for production workers. Summer help from young people helped, but they are still about 10 employees short. Peel said he has noticed one category of workers has been missing from their applicant pool.

It has to be worth your time. Peel said it is especially difficult to fill entry-level positions in Livingston County because many residents have salaried, higher-paying jobs, often located outside of the county. For those, we can tap into Livingston County residentsbut getting entry-level people out of Brighton is rare," he said. Samantha Porter, a human resources generalist at Kem Krest, said a lack of public transportation options has been an issue. She agreed that another barrier to getting more entry-level workers is a lack of affordable housing options in the county.

The majority of workers traveling to Livingston for work in lived in either Oakland or Wayne counties, according to WIN. Some manufacturing companies in the county have bused workers in from outside the county for several years in response to ongoing labor shortages. Peel said Kem Krest does not currently participate in the bus program from Flint but company officials have discussed it as an option, especially because many employees come from the Flint area already.

The unemployment rate measures the percentage within the labor force who are currently without a job. She said it's important to look at the labor force participation ratio, which compares the percentage of people of working age who are employed or are actively seeking work.

Looking for now in livingston county area

A of factors impact labor force participation including lack of child care and need for a flexible schedule. Bell said Michigan Works does not have data on how increased unemployment benefits may have impacted job seekers in the county. The types of jobs available and what they pay are indicators of a community's economic outlook, and Livingston County is heavy on lower-paying jobs.

Looking for now in livingston county area

Livingston County, the Economic Development Council and Ann Arbor Spark commissioned the report, which predicts the county's economic outlook in While the report predicted a strong economic recovery in the county in terms of job growth and declining unemployment, it identified low wages as a concerning economic indicator. Some people who work in the county struggle to keep up with the high cost of housing and other living expenses.

Some cannot afford to live where they work. For several years, the Michigan Association of United Ways has been tracking what its calls the ALICE population, which stands for "asset-limited, income-constrained and employed. These are working people who are above the poverty line but have limited income and assets compared to the cost of living in their community. They include people who sometimes have to choose between paying bills or buying food, or other tough financial choices.

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Looking for now in livingston county area

With record low unemployment in Livingston County, where will employers find workers?

Looking for now in livingston county area

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