Looking for u i think

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in. Ways to improve the look and feel of your UI des. Are your UI des looking boring? Here are some of my favorite ways to give them a dash of personality. This is why companies like Old Spice and Geico have such a recognizable brand. By infusing humor and personality into their marketing, they create more memorable and content.

It just means writing engaging and worth-reading copy. Humor can also be excessive, and in some applications or industries, it just downright is not appropriate. When deing your next product, consider how you can tie the experience together with engaging or amusing copy.

Looking for u i think

Adding emojis and icons can help describe the functions of your elements at a glance. Seeing a magnifying glass icon allows the user to instantly recognize that they can search for something if they click it. I love how Pieter Levels utilizes emojis on his site, NomadListto make it more engaging and user-friendly. Users recognize certain elements as having global meanings.

Here are a few of my favorite places to get icons and emojis:. Illustrations allow you to convey a complex message in a light-hearted and easily digestible fashion. I hope not because that would be awful. Adding illustrations can help ease the mood and balance your interface.

Looking for u i think

Illustrations should be focused and provide an improvement to the UX, not a distraction from the actions. A few of my favorite places to get free illustrations are:. All it requires is a different color palette. The images in your application are just as important as any of the other visual elements.

The visuals in the images you select can enhance your UI by making it more vibrant and lively. There are tons of great places to find high-quality imagery. Here are a few of my favorites:. See every event in your application, even the not so exciting ones, as an opportunity to provide a memorable experience. Error states are generally negative experiences, but you can turn them into positive ones by providing a touch of personality or enjoyment. They provide all the necessary information to inform the user on how to fix it, but also, there is a T-Rex endless runner game.

Why are they doing that? Because it gave them a moment of levity when they were doing something that they expected to be pretty boring, like searching for a flight. Motion is quickly becoming more ingrained in the de process. Motion can take the form of illustrations that animate on their own or the movement that occurs when a user interacts with elements on the.

This is where easing comes in. It will go fast at the beginning and then slow down as it loses momentum. This is what easing does- it makes the speed of animations feel more life-like. Lottie makes it easy for me to turn any of my After Effects animations into a web-friendly animated SVG. Similar to illustrations, animations should be purposeful starting to notice a trend here?

They should aim to enrich the experience, not distract the user from it. It can be easy to go overboard with animation, but fortunately, there are de resources like material de by Google, which can help you establish standards for motion.

Looking for u i think

They can allow experiences in your application to mimic experiences in the real world and provide instant feedback for user actions. Medium claps are a great example of how using micro-interactions can enhance the experience of interacting with an application. On YouTube, there is no interaction or experience — it merely changes color from grey to blue when clicked.

Looking for u i think

Patterns and gradients are another great way to make unappealing content more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Adding simple patterns and gradients behind images or to backgrounds adds style and flavor to otherwise bland and unexciting des. Shadows are a great way to add a layer of depth to your des, and it makes your life look more three-dimensional.

The elevation of your elements can help create a hierarchy of the information within your app. Depth is perceived by the user to represent importance — so the closer elements appear higher in priority. When making any de decision, you should always do it to improve the experience, not just the aesthetics.

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Looking for u i think

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Looking for u i think

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