Sleeping partner wanted

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Sleeping partner wanted

Maybe a silent partner? Hi all, thanks for your time. Does anybody have any advice the best thing to do with it? I do a bit in shares too but I am looking at other options. Property developing interests me however I have thought about becoming a silent partner in a company. My question is this. What sort of percent yield should I be expecting to receive with this sort of investment to create a passive income to get my ROI back whilst retaining equity?

And what is the best way of going about it for finding companies looking for silent partners? Struggling to find on google. Thanks a million for the read and the help. Kind regards Joe. SWOT analysis. Hi, I have never looked into this sort of thing or how it works but would you just supply money or would you need to bring a skill to the company? Sounds an interesting thread.

What you do with the money depends on how speculative you want to be in terms of risk attached There are several Angel Investment or Crowd funding sites where a wide array of projects are advertised: Searching both terms on Google will give you some avenues to investigate With property seemingly stabilised and appearing to be heading upwards again, if you can get the money into that, it would seem a good way to go for the best combination of return and security, although not particularly ambitious.

Mostly agree with socio Investing privately is at the high end of the risk reward spectrum, plus your money will be tied up for some time The minute you are known as a novice investor you will become a crap magnet, from outright fraud to nutters and dreamers You can minimise the risk by investing through crowd sites such as crowd cube or funding circle Whilst there is money to be made in property it is not easy money as many think.

Property development requires a keen eye for buying, good contacts and good financial strategy Don't let the cash burn a hole in your pocket - take time and decide what is best for you. Posted: Apr 20, By: businessfunding Member since: Jan 1, Thanks x 1. It all depends on the risk you want to take As a silent partner? I wouldn't bother. Just too risky. Better off with stocks and shares. Posted: Apr 20, By: dingbat Member since: Nov 28, I do have an idea how you can invest and what income will expect.

It is franchising.

Sleeping partner wanted

Send me a message if you are interested. There is a business planes what to expect and the best thing is that You can reinvest your capital in roughly years when you got your investment back and grow your business creating more sites. Posted: Apr 21, By: mike Member since: Apr 20, Also, don't listen to any direct proposals on here.

They'll be cowboys or chancers.

Sleeping partner wanted

Posted: Apr 21, By: plymgary Member since: Mar 5, Thanks x 2. If you are already into share trading then you might want to look at buying on margin or looking at other financial instruments. Riskier than standard share trading but higher return potentially of course. The key here is spreading the risk. You need to do careful research. This is not something you can invest and leave though. IF you are good at understanding companies and share trading mechanisms and your investments out-perform the market indexes then it might be worth it.

Posted: Apr 21, By: leemason Member since: Dec 11, Useful x 1. Thanks guys I will be looking at these posts individually and carrying out some research on these ideas. I went to a property investment company a few years back but didn't go any further with it. Log in or now to reply. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Password Forgot your password?

Sleeping partner wanted

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